US missile test to cause arms race in world

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman reacted to the US intermediate missile test, saying that US act is likely to cause arms race which will result in escalating instability, threatening international peace and security and imposing heavy expenses on other countries.

Condemning the US insistence on unilateralism, withdrawal from international agreements and undermining international regulations, Abbas Mousavi expressed concerns over the US intermediate missile test which was carried out shortly after its withdrawal from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

He urged the international community and all countries to show reaction to US’ destabilizing measures and its pullout of the international pacts which are regarded as regression in international relations.

On Friday, US tested ‘Tomahawk’ land attack missile which was reported to hit the target after over 500 km.

This is while, US and Russia had pulled out of Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.