Rouhani: Today’s US weaker, more isolated than ever

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Thursday that today’s US is weaker and more isolated than ever, as it has mobilized CIA, Department of Treasury, Department of State, security forces and spies to see what ship enters Iran and What leaves it.

Addressing a ceremony to unveil the indigenous Bavar-373 missile defense system on the occasion of National Defense Industry Day on August 22 in Tehran, he reiterates, “I have not seen weaker and more isolated than today’s US in terms of politics and law in the course of history.”

US secretary of state said in Security Council that if JCPOA stays in place, Iran will be able to sell and buy weapons easily. Thus, an obstacle created over the past years will be removed, Rouhani said, noting that he spoke against JCPOA and Iran, but nobody in the council heeded him, and this an unprecedented desperation for the US.

Last year, instead of US secretary of state, its president attended UN General Assembly Summit, as all 14 members of the Security Council opposed the US and ridiculed him, he said.

“There was no time in the history for the US to be represented by the president in the event and all the attendees mocked him,” he said, reiterating that the US has been defeated and “we are winner”.

Recalling Iran’s achievements in recent years despite sanctions, he added, “We have had the highest exports of gas and electricity and oil products to the neighboring states recently.”

Recent development in the region revealed that in case of danger that’s the Americans that will run away from the region, Rouhani said, noting even Iran’s southern neighbors which used to rely on the US have found that the Americans will turn on their heel in case of danger instead of defending them.

“I believe that every nation should first think of its interests and secondly not attack others and respect others’ rights,” he said, adding that the Americans wish to impose their wills on the others, but this is not acceptable, as its friends do not accept it.

The Americans want to take all territories by force or buy it, and such a thought has no place in today’s world, Rouhani said.

The way the Americans have chosen is wrong and will finally harm themselves, friends and Europeans, China and Asian states, President Rouhani said.

Change of regime and dominating Iran is a dream that will never come true, Rouhani said, noting that the Iranian nation will never surrender to the US bullying policies.

Regional security will never be ensured without Iran, as it is a bog and influential power in the Middle East, particularly Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman and Strait of Hormuz, Rouhani said.

“Iran is ready to ensure regional security provided that the US abandon aggression and stop encouraging allies not to have cordial ties with Iran,” he said.

Noting that security and stability and peaceful coexistence will benefit all countries, Rouhani said, “We are ready for cooperation, negotiations and remove standoffs with all the neighbors and all Muslim states.”

All the waterways from Red Sea and Mediterranean to Gibraltar, Strait of Hormuz and Indian Ocean and all the international waterways should be safe for all countries, he said, reiterating that security in the international waterways is necessary for today’s world economy and all the regional and global nations want this.