Iranian schools to go electronic

Financial Tribune – In order to expedite the processing of applications, increase transparency and curb paper use, Iranian schools are to record the documents of all primary school students electronically.

As of the beginning of the next academic year (Sept. 23), the documents of all first graders will be stored in electronic systems.

According to Mehdi Sharafi, the head of Education Ministry’s ICT Office, the move is in line with upgrading schools to smart education center and makes students’ information readily available to both teachers and parents, the local news website Peivast reported.

“Currently, each student has an individual file in school, in which their identification information, school report sheets, classroom activities and any other report related to their educational performance are kept,” he said.

So far, at the end of each academic year, the paper files have been archived in schools, occupying a large space and generously adding to injudicious paper use.