Iran’s Naval Group berthing in Baku

IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Naval Group of 4th District and the Northern Fleet arrived in Baku on Tuesday, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, for the third consecutive year to participate in “2019- Sea Cup”.

Iran’s Ambassador to the Republic of Azerbaijan Javad Jahangirzadeh and a group of Embassy staffers, Ministry of Defense officials and officials of the Azerbaijani Navy at the naval base near Baku attended the welcoming ceremony of this group comprising “Peykan”(arrow) and Joshan missile-launching warships.

2019- Sea Cup Tournament will be held from August 5-15 with the presence of naval group of 4 Caspian Sea littoral states including the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, in the coastal waters of the country.

Captain Hussein Hassani, the head of the Iranian delegation to Baku referred to the importance of the international tournament in strengthening interactions between the naval forces of the Caspian Sea littoral states.

He called the international 2019- Sea Cup Tournament as important event for the security of the Caspian Sea by the littoral states and said that it is very promising that all the littoral states on the Caspian Sea can fully establish Caspian Sea security without the presence of foreigners.

According to Hassani, the 2019- Sea Cup in Baku will be held in three different categories including sea survival, damage control, damages caused by inundation, shooting on aerial target, surface shooting and sea skills.

Deputy Commander of the Azerbaijani Navy Natiq Baqirov, for his part expressed his satisfaction with the presence of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Naval Group in Baku, noting that the tournament of the Sea Cup will be held for the fifth consecutive year with the presence of the Caspian Sea littoral states and Azerbaijan Republic.

Azerbaijan has hosted the tournament in recent 3 years while the two previous ones were held in Russia.