Iran’s ECA outperforms Aman Union members

Financial Tribune – The Export Guarantee Fund of Iran topped the list of export credit and guarantee funds that are members of the Aman Union, the EGFI head said.

Afrouz Bahrami made the statement on the sidelines of a visit to Iraq this week to participate in the Iran-Iraq Joint Trade Commission.

“EGFI has outperformed other similar funds in the region,” he said, the fund’s official website reported.

In a recent twitter account, Bahrami said the EGFI ranked second among guarantee funds in Aman Union after a peer fund in Turkey, in terms of ratio of penetration to total exports.

Aman Union is a professional forum that brings together commercial and non-commercial risk insurers and reinsurers in member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Arab Investment and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (DHAMAN).