Park Rangers

300 rangers to join forces defending protected areas

Tehran Times – Some 300 rangers will soon join the forces defending the environment across the country, Fars news agency reported on Monday.

According to the report, 800 individuals have passed the preliminary required tests but only 300 will be chosen to defend the country’s protected areas.

They must also pass fitness, medical and psychological tests in addition to assessments related to defending and emergency operations.

It should be ensured if they have the ability to withstand different weather conditions while living in difficult conditions or different places, or they can act appropriately in difficult situations.

Rangers are charged with protecting and preserving protected lands; who may face multiple deaths and injuries while trying to safeguard the environment and wildlife. Rangers who risk their lives protecting the environment and wildlife sometimes fall victims by getting into fight with poachers and may either suffer severe wounds, get killed, or charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Some 123 rangers have been killed while protecting the environment since 1979 in Iran.