Aggressors to face crushing response from Iran: Minister

IRNA – The Minister of Defense in response to the recent threats of the Zionist regime said that any enemy at each level who intends to violate the territorial integrity of Iran will get a decisive and crushing response.

Brigadier General Amir Hatami described the recent threat of the Prime Minister of the occupying regime to be a clear and explicit violation of article 2, paragraph 4, of the United Nations Charter, in use of force against other UN member states including the countries of the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The high ranking official underlined the words of the prime minister of Israel at the a air base as well as his recent remarks at the site of the Dimona nuclear facility which was specifically threatening a UN member state and a member of the NPT by nuclear and military forces as ultimate indecency.

He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the maintenance of the right to self-defense based on the teachings of the Islamic religion and the defensive strategy of the country, as well as Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, has such readiness and authority in the part of the armed forces that any enemy on any level intends to violate its territorial integrity of the country, with a decisive answer will be faced with crushing response.

The Defense Minister called the Foreign Ministry to ask for serious accountability of international assemblies such as the United Nations and the Security Council to these dangerous behaviors based on the principles and standards of international peace and security is published and recorded as a formal document to the United Nations as has been done so far in pursuing legal follow-ups to the threatening behaviors of the occupying regime of the Quds Force through international agencies

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently threatened Iran with fifth generation of F- 35 fighters.

“Iran should remember that these planes can fly anywhere in the Middle East, including Iran and Syria,” he said.