Iran committed to JCPOA proportionate to what EU does

IRNA – Iranian ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh said on Wednesday that Iran is committed to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action proportionate to what the EU states parties to the nuclear deal does.

Speaking in the Islamic World Peace Forum in Beijing, Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh said despite US withdrawal from the JCPOA, Iran has practiced self-restraint over the past year.

He complained that that other states parties to the JCPOA have not been able to implement their commitments completely, saying that an economic war has been waged against Iran by the US unilateral sanctions.

He added that US unilateralism and Trump administration have dealt a destructive blow to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Keshavarzzadeh reiterated that US has destroyed the values of the multilateral international diplomacy.

Various efforts have been made in line with Disarmament by countries in the world, he said adding that US has moved in the opposite direction.

He pointed to US withdrawal from Iran deal, anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) as examples of the US renegade on International Conventions and the International Law.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian envoy warned against unilateralism and continuation of US destructive policies against international agreements, saying these policies and development of technologies which are not compatible with arm controlling strategies have turned out to be a problem in the 21th century.

Analyzing the arms control policies, Keshavarzzadeh said although they have has success in many fields and the member sates have taken strides in line with scientific and technical development, but on the other hand they boosted production of arms and as a resulted increased people’s massacre.

He urged the international community to reinforce its efforts for controlling arms.

Meanwhile, he called on the international community to monitor all bodies, structure and agreements to realize arms controls aims.

Keshavarzzadeh emphasized multilateralism and win-win diplomacy to fulfill the Disarmament strategy, saying technology should also be compatible with Disarmament.

He urged to put an end to any destructive double-standard in order not to put at risk efforts in line with the international peace and security.

Iran as a member of the international community believes that atomic weapons pose a threat to humanity, and that annihilation of weapons of mass destruction will be the only guarantee for the world peace and security.

Iran’s position is to free the Middle East from the nuclear arms, Iranian ambassador said adding that Iran as an important regional players supports implementation of resolution 1995 on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and the 2010 action plan.