US unilateralism in int’l scene big threat to global peace, security

IRNA – Vice President for Legal Affairs Laya Joneidi said on Wednesday that US unilateralism at the international level and withdrawal from international treaties pose big threats to global peace and security.

In a meeting with Turkish Ambassador in Tehran Derya Ors, she stressed that the US withdrawal will not be limited to JCPOA, as it has undermined the international procedures and institutes established over the past century.

Referring to longstanding trade relations between Iran and Turkey and close ties between their businessmen, she voiced readiness of the Presidential Department for Legal Affairs for solving legal problems faced by the investors.

“Securities of the two countries are interlinked with each other and they should work for regional security together,” she said.

Ors, for his part, said that sanctions against Iran will harm not only the Iranian nation but also the entire region.

He also stressed the need for the two countries to help promote commercial and economic ties, saying that the sanctions are in fact not against the Iranian nation; rather sanctions are against the other countries and their goods and companies.

“Ankara’s political resolve is based on boosting all-out ties with Tehran,” he said.

Independent countries should stand united against foreign threats and plots, he said, stressing the need for promoting economic and trade ties between the two countries.