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Supertanker berths at southern Iranian port

IRNA – A 320,000-ton supertanker successfully berthed at the southern Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, a senior official of the country said.

Esmail Makkizadeh, deputy head of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran, told reporters on Monday that the achievement of Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex (ISOICO) in Bandar Abbas was a record berthing on the eve of the international Day of the Seafarer.

The tanker, 333 meters long and a dead weight tonnage (DWT) of 320,000 tons, belongs to Iran NITC (National Iranian Tanker Co), he said.

Due to the high waterline of the supertankers, Makkizadeh said, the berthing, loading and unloading can only be conducted at special terminals such as that in Kharg Island in the Persian Gulf.

Entry operation of the ships (Dore) to the berth is one of the most complex maneuvering operations. It was done successfully, despite the huge dimensions of the tanker, with exact planning by the operation team in the port comprised of those who were in charge of pilotage, tugging, hawsers and sailing experts at Shahid Rejai Port, according to the official.

It was the first time that berthing operation of a huge vessel is being done by Iranian technicians, Makkizadeh said.

Supertankers are the largest oil tankers, including ultra-large

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