Iran destroys US biggest spy network

IRNA – Iranian Intelligence Ministry has identified and dismantled a big spy network affiliated to Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Intelligence Ministry said on Tuesday.

The director of anti-espionage department of the Intelligence Ministry said that the department adopted advanced professional approach to identify spies inside the country with full command and superiority over any spy networks.

He said that Iranian intelligence forces have penetrated the US safe system in cyberspace, adding that the CIA has taken advantage of some websites for maintaining communication with spies.

The CIA in an expansive espionage system designed a website and a especial space for each of the spies, he noted.

He added that the sources and spies who were discovered in this operation have been CIA experts who were working against interests of target countries like Iran.

Then the US intelligence agency admitted that their agents are in danger and withdrew their spies from the target countries, he said.