Zarif: US blocks purchase of food, medicines to Iran

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the US blocked purchase of food and medicines and airplane parts ignoring the provisional measures given by the International Court of Justice following the Iranian complaints against US wrongful sanctions.

Zarif said in an interview that ICJ gave Provisional Order to US Administration to allow Iran to purchase food and medical equipment, but, the US is pursuing maximum pressure blockade against the great Iranian nation

Rebuking the US false and provocative policies in the region, Zarif emphasized that the main issue is that US has violated the International Law, has imposed economic war on Iranians and is preventing imports of many goods by bullying policies.

Tehran has always welcomed negotiations with regional states and proposed to sign non-aggression treaty with them, he said adding that Iran is keen on friendship with all regional countries especially the Persian Gulf states.

He urged the international community to come to senses and understand that Iran always advocates peace, is committed to international regulations and cannot stand idle to the US aggressive policies.

Zarif said that the US Administration has entered a serious economic war against Iran, and that Iranian powerful standing in the region created concerns for the US.

Zarif said negotiations with neighbors are aimed to settle disputes, saying that the disputes originated from different views Iran has against US policy. He said that Washington aims to escalate tension in the region.

The Israeli officials, few people in the US and two or three states in the Persian Gulf have adopted another way which is very dangerous, we think, he said

Tehran offered negotiations with neighboring countries for the first time, but after the end of nuclear talks about which some regional countries were concerned, even the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman said that they will have no talks with Iran and will take war into Iran’s soil.

Zarif went on to say that after the nuclear deal, Iran refused any talks with the US and announced that it will continue talks with neighboring countries, but Bin Salman said that they will hold no talks with Iran.

Tehran for the first time offered signing non-aggression treaty to the neighboring countries, but they thought that the US will be able to solve their problems in the region, he said.

Iran’s foreign policy has always been clear, he said adding that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said that Iran can continue negotiations.

Pointing to US economic war against Iranian people, he said it threatens logical relations with Iran and forces the Europeans to walk away for Iran nuclear deal.

US is always following policy of threat, pressure and economic terrorism against Iranians, he said urging the US to stop all these threats.

In a new show, Americans suggested to hold talks with Iran when the US foreign policy is not clear, he said.

Stressing the fact that Iran powerful enough to stand up to any threat, Zarif said that political and military threat is meaningless for Iran.

Iran is not seeking conflict in the region, he said adding that the US left the negotiating table and pulled out of the nuclear deal but a group in the region showed that they do not want to fulfill the US interests.

Today Americans are involved with policies adopted by Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some rulers in the region.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Zarif referred to Holy Quds, saying Quds does not belong to US to give it to Israeli regime.

Emphasizing that Iran has common religion and culture with regional countries, Zarif said that the World Arrogance is aiming to escalate conflict in the region.

Due to Iran mistrust to US, the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has been set in 150 pages and in 36 articles to let Iran not to implement some of the commitments if US does not comply, Zarif said.

He pointed to US withdrawal from NAFTA, Paris Climate Change Convention and Pacific Trade Agreements, saying Tehran was aware of the fact that US does not comply with its commitments.

Iran has never set any ultimatum for European states but announced them that if they do not respect Iranians’ economic rights, Tehran will not comply with its commitments under the JCPOA, he reiterated.

Meanwhile, Zarif said that the so-called ‘Deal of Century’ is aiming to violate the Palestinians’ rights.

He stressed that Iran will not support any move against Palestine.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Iranian foreign minister said Iran has never imposed its opinion to Iraqis, saying the history has proved that existence of foreign forces in the region is very dangerous.

Tehran believes that Iraqi and Afghan people should decide their fate.

On Syria, he said that the Iranian and Russian forces are in Syria upon Syrian government’s request.

This is while the US and some regional countries complain about it since US is supporting terrorism in the region and ISIS terrorists are provided with American weapons.

He expressed deep concern about the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Yemen especially the Yemeni children exposed to famine and deadly epidemic of cholera, saying that Iran has called for ceasefire in Yemen to stop the humanitarian plight and provide humanitarian assistance in the run up to setting up an inclusive government in Yemen.