Iran’s borders fully secure: Commander

IRNA – The commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran Border Guards says that Iran has no concern over common maritime and land borders with neighboring countries despite the threats close to the borders.

Brigadier General Qasim Reza’i said in Ahwaz on Tuesday that the morale of the border guards in protecting and safeguarding the borders has caused not to have concern about border security, but we are still ready to deal with possible contingencies of insecurity on the borders.

Referring to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has 8,755 kilometers of land border and 2,700 kilometers of maritime border with 15 neighboring countries, Reza’i added, ‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is the third largest country in terms of the number of neighbors after Russia and China, but compared with the size of the country and number of neighbors rank first in the world.”

Referring to recent US moves in the region, the commander said that the arrival of the American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf has not a negative impact on our morale, but reinforced the morale of the vigilant border guards.

Reza’i said that the American military’s move was of no concern to us, adding that some humiliated these American carriers’ arrival to the waters of the region.