Mousavi urges clarifying dimensions of explosion at Oman Sea

IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Monday expressed concern about explosion at the Oman Sea affecting the oil tankers, calling for clarifying dimensions of the sabotage on some oil tankers.

Mousavi expressed concern about sabotaging the oil tankers, saying, regretful incident happened for some ships on Sunday

Referring to the negative impact of this accident on the security of shipping and maritime transport, he warned against any conspiracy orchestrated by ill-wishers to undermine stability and security in the region.

Mousavi also called on the regional states to take care of any adventurism by foreigners.

Some contradictory news was released on Sunday regarding a huge blast in Fujairah port, eastern UAE.

The news was first rejected by Emirati officials, but then UAE Foreign Ministry announced that four ships were hit by sabotage.

Fujairah is one of the most important oil ports in the UAE which exports 1,800,000 bpd oil.