Veep: US plans to paralyze Iran’s economy to fail

IRNA – First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri on Monday slammed the US refusal to reissue Iran’s sanctions waivers, saying that they are seeking to paralyze the country’s economy but they will surely fail.

Addressing a meeting on the role of free zones in bypassing sanctions and planning for promoting production in Kish Island, he referred to Iran’s positive balance of $1.7 billion excluding oil revenues last year, saying that the Americans should realize that in view of Iran’s unique capacities, their plans to collapse its economy are doomed to failure.

Noting that Iran will export oil as much as it needs, the official said, “We all should find ways to generate new sources of income for the country so that the Americans will understand that it is not the case that they are dominating global affairs.”

Jahangiri further noted that true that the country is experiencing a difficult situation today, but this does not mean a deadlock for the country “as we can create opportunities from the threats and get past the bottlenecks’.

The Iranian nation has put some very hard times behind, but it is still standing strong against the pressures and will give appropriate response to them when necessary, he said.

“The Americans are once again trying to zero Iran’s oil exports, but we can overcome the problem by necessary approaches such as reducing expenses,” he said.

Noting that Iran has many friends and no country except the Saudi Arabia and Israel confirm US moves against Iran, the first vice president said, “We should find ways for cooperation with friendly countries so that they would not exposed to pressures for cooperating with us.”