US cuts Iran oil waivers in move to force Tehran out of nuclear deal

Al-Monitor | : The Donald Trump administration will not renew sanctions waivers next month for eight countries to continue imports of Iranian oil, it announced today, in a move key American allies interpreted as an effort to get Iran to quit the 2015 nuclear deal that the United States withdrew from last year.

“The goal remains simple: to deprive the regime of the funds it has used to destabilize the Middle East,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told journalists at the State Department today.

But top European allies see the latest step in the Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign as an increasingly undisguised effort to push Iran to default on the nuclear deal — and thus to expand the so far narrow coalition the Trump administration has mustered to isolate it, comprising mostly just the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Israel.

“I think the [US administration’s] goal is to have a worldwide coalition against Iran, and to do that, they push Iran to default” on the nuclear deal, said a European diplomat speaking not for attribution. “Until now it is failing, totally.”

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