France to boost humanitarian aid to Iran flood survivors

IRNA – French Foreign Ministry in a statement announced that it will increase its humanitarian aids to Iranian flood-stricken people.

Due to the fact that flood is still hurting people in Iran, France has decided to increase its humanitarian assistance to Iran, the statement reads.

First aids consignment from France including 114 motor pumps, 300 kitchen kits and 5,000 blankets arrived in Tehran on Thursday night.

According to the statement, another plane carrying 18 tons extra aids consisting of 114 water drainage pump and 210 tents will be delivered to Iranian Red Crescent Society on Saturday morning.

Unprecedented heavy rains caused floods in various parts of Iran over past two weeks. Scores of people were killed and 478 others were injured while a large number of people were displaced across Iran.

The disaster coincided with the high season of Iranians’ trips as they were spending the national two-week holidays of Nowruz.

Several regional countries, such as Turkey, Russia and Kuwait as well as a few European states have sent in in-kind assistance to be received by the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) in the flood-hit regions.