Iranians celebrate Nature’s Day

IRNA – Iranians marked the end of their two-week Nowruz holiday by spending a quality time with their families in the nature.

The Iranian Nature’s Day or Sizdah Bedar (in Persian) is an ancient tradition that has been observed through the history of the country by spending the thirteenth day of the spring outside. There are various narratives on the day, but it is well-known to Iranians that spending the thirteenth day of Nowruz keeps evil away from them throughout the year.

There are various games, dishes, and activities specific to the day. For instance, the day is characterized by team games, and serving pottages. People also sing their favorite songs collectively. There is also a tradition, based on whingle people on the day knot the grass and wish they get married by the end of the year.

Despite the ancient anecdotes and folklore, today the thirteenth day of the year has gained significant importance to Iranians. The day is now observed as a time to appreciate the ‘Mother Nature’.

In addition to the joy they experience together with their family and friends, the people focus on preservation of the nature. Every year, Iranians try to progress in saving the environment, particularly thanks to awareness raising efforts by groups and social media.

They are increasingly limiting their use of plastic, protecting wild life, and avoiding water pollution. Thus, they have focused to leave the least footprint in the environment when they leave it.