Rouhani terms Iran-Iraq ties as strategic, historic

IRNA – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the relations between Iran and Iraq as strategic, important and historic.

Developing relations between two countries is exemplary at the moment, Rouhani said in a phone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi, adding that the relations will benefit both countries and will not harm any country in the region.

Expressing congratulations over Nowruz, Rouhani referred to the achievements which he has made during his recent trip to Iraq as a motivation in both countries’ relations.

Referring to recent heavy rains and the huge amount of water entered to Arvand River, he underlined the importance of accelerating dredging the river for both countries.

Rouhani wished prompt implementation of the agreement between two countries.

Pointing to the importance of coordination between Iranian and Iraqi energy ministers, he stressed increasing consultations between two countries.

He once again raised Iraq hospitality, and referred to free visa issuance as important in reinforcing Iranians and Iraqis’ commute.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Rouhani described as important cooperation between important regional countries for maintaining stability and security in the region.

Stability will not be established unless all important regional countries stand by each other and differences are resolved, he noted.

Rouhani also criticized US president’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty on Golan Heights, he said Israeli regime’s ambitions and the false decisions made by Washington make more essential cooperation between regional countries.

The concerning remarks as regard undermining Palestinians and Syrian rights especially on Golan Heights are very dangerous for the regional security, Rouhani said.

He also invited Adil Abdul-Mahdi to have an official trip to Tehran.

Meanwhile, Abdul-Mahdi congratulated over Nowruz and expressed regrets on the deadly floods in Iran.

He referred to Rouhani’s recent trip to Iraq as a great event in both countries relations.

Emphasizing the fact that all agreements will be implemented soon, he said dredging Arvand River and removing charges on Visa will be made operational.

Stressing promoting cooperation, he urged taking advantage of regional problems.

Abdul-Mahdi hailed the official invitation of Iranian president.