Iran’s export of non-oil products to Iraq at $12bn

MNA – Member of Expediency Discernment Council Ali Aqamohammadi put Iran’s export of non-oil commodities to neighboring Iraq at $12 billion.

Islamic Republic of Iran enjoys high potentials in the field of exporting non-oil commodities, so that effective steps should be taken by responsible officials in order to get lion’s export share in the lucrative market of neighboring countries.

Of total $12 billion, about $8.6 billion worth of which is exported to neighboring Iraq in form of commodity while the rest in the form of energy, he added.

Iran mainly exports food products to Iraq, followed by construction and medicine industries, he said, adding, “the country enjoys high capacities more than oil exports, the issue of which should be taken into serious consideration.”

Identifying strengths of Iraqi entrepreneurs and traders as well as reducing logistics-related costs can help facilitate import and export activities between Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq significantly, Aqamohammadi added.