Syrian diplomat: Iran, Russia have priority for reconstruction of Syria

IRNA – Syrian Chargé d’affaires in Iran says the proposal of tariff reduction to zero for commodity exchanges between Iran and Syria are under examination in the joint economic commissions of the two countries, and Iran and Russia are in priority for Syria’s reconstruction.

At the sideline of meeting of the Syrian business delegation with the members of the Iranian Cooperative Chamber in an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Ali Seyyed Ahmad said Monday, “The rumor of the Syria reconstruction with the presence of the countries that participated in the war against the country prevented Iran’s private sector from engaging in reconstruction of Syria”.

He strongly denied the reconstruction of this country with the presence of the countries that fought against Syria.

The Syrian diplomat added, ‘he experience of the terrorist war against Syria, which major powers were partner in Syria, has led Syria to have a great economic rebound.’

The Syrian Chargé d’affaires in Tehran, arguing that economic cooperation between Iran and Syria is very important but not desirable, said that there are a number of rational and illogical reasons for the low level of Iran’s economic exchanges, and the experience of the war conditions in Syria is a logical reason for the low level of economic exchanges between Iran and Syria.

He noted that it is necessary to try to achieve the level of economic relations between the two countries to maitain political relations, and trade between two countries is a means of identifying and counteracting irrational reasons for not developing economic relations between Iran and Syria.

He said about the zeroing of the trade tariff between Iran and Syria, ‘To achieve this goal, negotiations are ongoing and are being considered in the form of joint commissions.”

According to IRNA, in 2010, the volume of Iran’s export to Syria was $516 million, which was gradually reduced as a result of the unrest and conflicts in the country due to the activity of the Takfiri terrorist group of ISIS, as Iran’s export to Syria fell to $172 million.

According to the statistics of the Organization for Trade Promotion of Iran, Iran exported 63.9 million dollars worth of exports to Syria over the 9-month of this current Iranian year (will end on March 21) and imports 3.1 million dollars.