Veep: Damage caused by US sanctions should be well documented

IRNA – Vice-President for Legal Affairs Laiya Joneidi says damages caused by the US sanctions on Iran must be documented to help take legal actions and register in history.

Joneidi told a group of lawyers and jurors in Golestan Province on Thursday that the sanctions’ legal committee will take the initiative.

‘The documents on the US’ illegal sanctions need to be sent to the Secretariat of the sanctions legal committee by organizations because the main indictment to be field in the International Court of Justice should well document all the US behaviors that are damaging Iran as a result of the US unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).’

She went on to say that the US illegally and under the pretext of peace and security left the international treaty whose goal was nothing by promoting peace worldwide and in a sharp contrast, severed sanctions on Iran.

Joneidi said the history of Iran these days should be well recorded with documents so that future generations will come to know how a wrong and illegitimate decision causes injustice for the Iranian nation.

US President Donald Trump, unilaterally quit the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), aka Iran Deal, on May 8.

The deal was the fruit of years of negotiations with big powers of the world and was endorsed by the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution 2231, which also removed all the sanctions on Iran.

Trump illegally restores all the US sanctions on Iran, while all the other signatories of the deal, namely China, Russia, France, and the UK, showed their unhappiness with his decision.

Trump had no choice, but to exempt some importers of Iranian oil, including India, South Korea, China and Japan from the order.