Iran, Russia oppose foreign intervention in Venezuela

IRNA – Iran and Russia are against foreign intervention in Venezuela contrary to the UN charter.

‘We oppose unilateral measures and foreign intervention in internal affairs of Venezuela contrary to the UN Charter, including intervention in internal affairs of countries and threat to use force against Venezuelan government,’ said Director General of the America Department at Iranian Foreign Ministry in an interview with reporters after a meeting with Alexander Shchetinin, the director of the Latin America Department at Russia’s Foreign Ministry, and Georgiy Borisenko, Director of the North America Department at the Russian Foreign Ministry.

He said Iran and Russia believe that government of Madoro is the legal government of the country and constitution of the country should be respected by all.

‘Russia and Iran are two important countries globally and as two friendly countries share common stances in defense of the UN charter and sovereignty of states.’

He said he is visiting Russia to make more coordination on the issue and ‘we try to defend principles of the UN charter along with other countries in the UN, while having more practical cooperation.’

He added that Iran welcomes proposal of the legal government of Venezuela to start talks with the opposition to settle the problems caused in Caracas without foreign intervention.

Baharvand said Venezuelan government has offered a proposal to its opposition which is logical in Iran point of view. ‘We believe that opponents of Venezuelan government should bow to the proposal and sit on negotiation table with Venezuelan government to settle the problems in Caracas without foreign intervention. We believe that the UN charter should not be violated by any country and denying principles such as non intervention in countries’ internal affairs and use of force in international relations are unacceptable.’

He went on to say that Iran and Russia try to take joint political stances against the US’ illegal measures to be able to check expansion of the US’ illegal measures.