Anti-revolutionary elements seeking to incur damage to Iranian nation

MNA – The Chief of General Staff of Iranian Armed Forces, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri said that anti-revolutionary elements are after incurring harm to the noble nation of Islamic Iran.

He made the remarks on Thu. in a meeting of Policy making Council of Rahian-e Noor (Companions of Light), held at the Garden Museum of the Islamic Revolution and Sacred Defense, and said, “Rahian-e Noor is an excellent opportunity to transfer rich culture of Sacred Defense and all responsible officials should make their utmost efforts for better organizing this move.”

The issue of maintaining security of ‘Rahina-e Noor’ is very important, he said, reiterating, “anti-revolutionary elements are seeking to harm the noble nation of Iran.”

He pointed to the sublime statements of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on the significance of ‘Rahian-e Noor’ and said, “the Leader attaches great importance to the important role of Rahian-e Noor which can materialize most objectives of the Islamic Revolution.”