Hamas ties with Iran, Egypt not contradictory

IRNA – Head of Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement’s Political Office Ismail Haniyeh said that their ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran are in no way contradictory to those with Egypt.

Talking to reporters in his office in Gaza, he added that Hamas strategy is to boost relations with Arab and Islamic countries.

“Iran and Egypt are big countries and enjoy regional clout. Iran has always supported Hamas strategically,” he said.

Hamas is terribly interested to have relations with all countries, he said.

Referring to excellent relations between Iran and Hamas, he added that Hamas leaders and officials always visit Iran and confer with its officials.

Haniyeh also called for resistance against compromise and normalization of ties with the Zionist regime, saying, “We cannot normalize ties with a party which trampling upon the Palestinians’ rights to return home and bombing neighboring Arab states.”

If the occupiers are seeking adventurism in Gaza, they should pay for it, which may lead to their complete destruction, he stressed.