Sanctions could never stop Iran oil progress: MP

SHANA — A member of the Iranian parliament said that US embargoes on Iran’s oil industry could never halt the sector’s progress given the capabilities of Iranian experts in the field.

Speaking to Shana, Mohammad Reza Rezaei Kouchi, who presides over the parliament’s Civil Committee, said, “Despite the fact that sanctions do have their impact, we have to admit that Iran’s oil industry has never ceased to progress under the embargoes.”

He said the US had always strived to throw a wrench in Iran’s oil exports and bring them to zero, but they had failed to do so.

“There might have been hindrances in the investment sector, but great achievements have been made in regard to the petrochemical and gas distribution projects in the country,” he added.

The MP said that the capabilities of Iranian oil and gas exports are well recognized in the region and even in the world, adding, “We have experienced the sanctions in the past.”