Leaving int’l pacts will rise risk of uncivil behaviors: VP

IRNA – Iran’s Vice-President for Legal Affairs La’ya Joneidi in Geneva lambasted the withdrawal of the states from international treaties and warned about its consequences.

Without mentioning the US as the state known for abandoning international treaties, she emphasized that the withdrawal of the Paris treaty, NAFTA, the JCPOA, Treaty of Amity, the Human Rights Council and UNESCO which reveals its contempt for international norms and institutions, increases the risk of despotic and non-civil behavior.

Iranian high-ranking official who was invited by UN on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), is in Switzerland to participate at a high-level summit of UN which was held to examine multilateralism and human rights, challenges and opportunities ahead.

In a meeting there on Monday, Joneidi underlined the importance of the fundamental concept of multilateralism, and pointed out that the history of all legal systems, such as Romanian-Germany law, customary law, and Islamic law and other systems, shows that a contract is a two-way or multilateral act, and in fact a legal translation of multilateralism which has an obligatory character and a commitment basis.

Iran’s Vice-President for Legal affairs further said that international institutions and organizations were also created with the goal of promoting multilateralism in absence of which they would lose their existing philosophy, so international norms and institutions and organizations were born of collective action and the result of the belief in multilateralism.

Joneidi added that in this way the international law and rights in general and human rights in particular are linked to multilateralism. In practice, complex and multi-layered human rights problems, such as climate change and migration, and digital data management in today’s interconnected world are unthinkable without multilateralism.