Belgium resolved to widen ties with Iran

IRNA – Belgian ambassador to Iran Véronique Petit emphasized that despite the negative and challenging atmosphere created against the Islamic Republic of Iran, her country is determined to uphold and develop its economic ties with Iran.

At a meeting with the deputies of the Aras Free Zone, the high-profile diplomat stated, ‘Belgian private sector companies have successfully identified the opportunities available for economic cooperation in Iran after Iran’s Nuclear Deal and chose their potential partners.

The European official underlined, ‘We hope that by creating the necessary mechanism and improving the international space, these companies will start the planned joint projects.

The Belgian Ambassador’s aim to visit Aras Free Zone is to become more familiar with the capacity of the region to maintain and enhance the economic cooperation of the two countries under the sanctions.

“Free zones of Iran with special legal capacity can facilitate cooperation with different countries and make it easier to deal with sanctions,’ she expressed.

Pointing out that Europeans look focused on Iran’s free zones in order to develop the level of technology and promote production of products in these areas, he said, ‘In this new perspective, Iran’s free zones are not the target markets for exporting goods, but are considered special production bases.’