Vice President: People celebrate anniversary of Revolution despite problems

IRNA – The Vice President for Women’s and Family Affairs said that despite all the threats and problems, people came to the scene today with joy and hope for future celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Revolution. 

“The 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution opens a new chapter for the Islamic Republic; a chapter in which we must examine and review the success and achievements of the four decades, and identify shortcomings and move forward with transformational approach,’ Masoumeh Ebtekar said on Monday on the sidelines of Bahman 22 rally in Tehran.

The official reiterated that the future belongs to young people who make up their future with hope and effort, adding, ‘The most important challenge is the economic and psychological war that the enemy has launched against the country; I believe that our most important challenge is intergenerational dialogue.”

“We must communicate with the generation of the children of the revolution and the young; this connection with the new generation should not be one-sided. We should listen to this generation and understand their conditions.’