Anti-Sanction Committee in Iran’s parliament formed

IRNA – An Iranian parliamentarian while pointing to the US efforts to reduce Iran’s oil sales, stressed that in order to circumvent the sanctions, the Anti-Sanctions Committee in the parliament was formed and the ways to skirt oil sanctions were presented.

Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) Mohammad Reza Pour Ebrahimi, on Tuesday, added that the continued hostility of the US against the Iranian nation as well as the efforts to reduce the sales of the Islamic Republic’s oil has led to counteracting this enemy’s weapon and ways to circumvent sanctions are being on the agenda of the government and parliament.

‘The Supreme Council for Economic Coordination has been formed with the presence of the heads of 3 branches of the government and economic teams of the government and the parliament, so that issues requiring urgent and coordinated decisions between the country’s institutions will be made in the shortest time and to be operational,’ the MP highlighted.