Parliament body suggests $11 gasoline subsidy for each Iranian

Tehran Times – In its recent plan, Iran’s Parliament Research Center has suggested the government to allocate 480,000 rials (about $11.4) of cash subsidies, the present price for 24 liters of gasoline, to each individual Iranian monthly, Jam-e-Jam daily reported on Monday.

In case of not using the 24 liters of gasoline per month, individuals can receive the said amount in cash from the government, the plan suggests.

As reported, some assume that gasoline will be sold at multiple prices in Iran as of the next Iranian calendar year (starting March 21, 2019) and the presented plan, if approved by the cabinet, would protect low-income earners from price increases.

In its budget plan for the next Iranian year, the government has not predicted any increase for gasoline prices but parliament members claim they have put forward the discussed plan to impede gasoline smuggling and to improve fair distribution of gasoline among Iranians and their purchasing ability in future.