Iran exporting gas to 4 countries

ISNA – Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Armenia are the importers of Iran’s gas, Iranian deputy Oil Minister, Hassan Montazer-Torbati announced.

Iran and Armenia have signed a set-off agreement on gas and power for a 20-year term in 2004. According to the deal, Iran’s exported gas will be used in Armenian power stations and Iran imports the power generated in Armenia.

Armenia also imports Iran’s gas since 2009.

During the first eight months of Iranian fiscal year (started March 21,2018), Iran has exported 250 million cubic meters gas to Armenia, within the set-off deal.

Iran receives 3.2 Kilowatt hour power from Armenia in exchange for one cubic meter gas.

According to Iranian officials, Iran has imported 300 megawatt power from Armenia and 150 megawatt power from Azerbaijan this summer.

Iran has also exported 5.4 billion cubic meters gas to turkey in the first half of this Iranian fiscal year.