US drags allies into quagmire of its own interests: MP

MNA – A member of Parliament’s National Security Committee says the United States’ policies always lead to formation of ‘vortexes’, and the country has a habit of dragging down allies into a “quagmire of its own interests”.

Speaking to Mehr News correspondent, Kamal Dehghani Firouzabadi made the remark in reaction to an upcoming anti-Iran conference in Warsaw, co-organized by the US and Poland.

“Since Trump has not yet been able to dictate his policies to other countries, and has been frustrated with the lack of progress by using legal instruments to pressure Iran, he has now resorted to other tools such as organizing anti-Iran conferences and summits and imposing unilateral sanctions against Iran, he said, stressing that all these measures will ultimately fail to lead to US’ desired results.

We have to wait and see the reaction of the European countries to this summit, he said, adding “definitely, only the US-dependent countries will participate in this summit, and will not take anything but the US interests into account.”