Iranian studies room opens in Kabul Rabbani University

IRNA – Iranian studies room was inaugurated in Education University of Rabbani in Kabul in a ceremony attended by Iran’s cultural attaché and chancellor of the university.

Iran’s cultural attaché Mohammad Reza Maleki told the ceremony that Iranian studies room was established after a memorandum of understanding was signed between Iran’s Cultural Office and the university.

He further noted that Iran has always supported Afghan people and government even at the time it faced difficulties, including economic sanctions, imposed war and horrible assassinations of officials.

“Cultural, religious and lingual commonalities have prompted the two countries to cooperate with each other,” Maleki said.

Currently, Iran is hosting some three million Afghan nationals, 500,000 of whom are school students and 17,000 others are university students, he said.

Chancellor of Kabul Education University of Rabbani, Zabihollah Assadi, said, “Iran has been standing alongside Afghan nation and government, as we are a single body which broke apart due to political considerations.”