Trump aware of Russia, Iran’s stronger position in Syria – Indian observers

Sputnik – Indian observers see Trump’s announcement of troops’ withdrawal from Syria as being indicative of a changing geopolitical scenario as well as the realization of advantages enjoyed by other stakeholders in the Syria crisis, like Russia and Iran.

Seasoned Indian diplomat and foreign affairs expert Kanwal Sibbal feels that Trump’s announcement is a manifestation of contradictions, as despite Trump’s claim of victory, the move is more akin to ceding influence to opposing players like Russia and Iran.

“The decision is best described as contradictory. There are senior people within the American policy circles making comments against the move. The announcement, if executed, will give more space for countries like Iran and Russia to further consolidate their presence in the region,” foreign affairs expert and former diplomat who retired as foreign secretary, Kanwal Sibal told Sputnik.

Another veteran diplomat, K P Fabian, observes that the US is mainly trying to extricate itself from an inconclusive and intricate situation.
“America originally had the intention to change the regime in Syria but it had abandoned the plan long ago. The decision to stay on was half-hearted. Its presence in recent times has been to support the Kurds. Geopolitical realities have forced the US to finally decide on withdrawal,” former career diplomat and foreign policy expert K P Fabian told Sputnik.

Fabian further observes that Trump could not have overlooked the advantage that Russia and Iran enjoy in Syria.

“Hope Trump succeeds to do what he has promised and announced. He also understands the overwhelming local and military advantage that Russia and Iran enjoy in Syria and the move is meant to minimise the losses incurred by his country,” Fabian added.

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