Gov’t prioritizing plans for returning economic stability

IRNA – First Vice President of Iran said that in the current situation, the government’s priority is to manage and plan to reduce the pressure from the sanctions and restore economic stability to the country.

Eshaq Jahangiri added on Monday that after sanctions imposed by the United States, parts of the country’s economy were under pressure, resulting in turbulence in some of the indicators such as inflation, exchange rate, economic growth, investment growth and unemployment. Under these circumstances, the government’s priority was to manage and plan to reduce pressures from sanctions so that turbulence would become stable over time.

The First Vice President of Iran continued, ‘Youth are the main capital of the country that should be productive, entrepreneurial and play role in the country’s economy, and they should be able to generate wealth for the country, but now there are concerns for the employment of these young people. For this reason, the government and other institutions should make every effort to create opportunities for job creation for young people, especially educated people.”

The first vice president referred to the tourism sector as another important sector in employment creation, noting, ‘With a strong focus on employment creation in the tourism sector, there will be suitable platforms for employing young people and job applicants. The tourism sector has a great potential to create sustainable employment opportunities.”