Iranian speaker highlights futility of war on Yemen

Tasnim – Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani denounced military aggression against people of Yemen, saying the warmongers have not achieved any of their objectives due to the Yemeni people’s steadfast defense of their land.

The military campaign against the poor people of Yemen has gotten nowhere, Larijani said in a gathering of clerics in Iran’s southern city of Bandar Abbas on Thursday.

He also reminded the aggressors that people of Yemen would never allow foreign conquest of their country, stressing that the era of hit-and-run has been over and military occupation is no more acceptable in the world.

“Adventurism and creating terrorists do not work,” Larijani added, without directly naming Saudi Arabia which launched military campaign against Yemen in 2015.

He further underlined that Iran does not look for conflict with any country and extends the hand of friendship to the neighbors, but noted that military aggressors should not expect Iran’s backing for their “wrong path”, their war against Yemeni people and their friendship with Zionists.

“One would be mistaken to think they could create a new coalition and pose a threat against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Larijani stressed.

Saudi Arabia launched the war against Yemen in March 2015. It has killed thousands of civilians and destroyed the impoverished country’s infrastructure, exposing millions of people to starvation, lack of medicines and cholera outbreaks.