Intelligence Ministry rejects Netanyahu’s claims of spying on Iranian facilities

MNA – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry rejected the Israeli prime minister’s claims that Tel Aviv agents routinely visit Iran for spying on its nuclear program, adding that these are merely ‘delusional remarks’.

The director general for counter-espionage at the Iranian Intelligence Ministry told ISNA on Thursday that Netanyahu’s remarks are meant to ease the pressure on Israeli regime over the revelation of Islamic Republic’s infiltration into the regime’s espionage services.

Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that Israeli operatives are ‘fighting all over the world’ in regard to Iran nuclear program, claiming “we also visit there periodically… to ‘catch up.’”

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry official said that Netanyahu has ‘the right to spin a yarn’ of the regime’s operations, adding that the Israeli PM is under severe internal and foreign pressures because of leaks about an Israeli minister spying for Iran as well as the large-scale infiltration of the Zionist regime’s intelligence services by those of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The official went on to say that Netanyahu has recently ordered Israeli security agency, known as Shabak, to check on all political, parliamentary and intelligence officials for possible contacts with Iranian intelligence services, adding, “this order is indicative of the realities that do not need further explanations,” the official added.