President Rouhani signs into law bill on Persian Language

FNA – The bill to reorganize and uniform international Persian Language (Farsi) exams, which was recently passed by Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, was signed into the law by President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani enacted on Wednesday a bill recently passed by Iran’s Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

The 3-article document stipulates that all international assessments on the Persian language proficiency of the speakers of other languages must be reorganized and standardized.

According to a report by the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution on Wednesday, the bill contains the following articles.

The first article of the bill reads, “The guidelines of Standard Persian Language Proficiency Test (AMFA) will be prepared by Saadi Foundation and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and will be announced by the secretariat of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.”

“AMFA Test is held as two types of ‘General’ and ‘Academic’. The Test will be given to foreign applicants of Iranian universities,” says the second article.

According to the last article of the bill, Iranian universities can hold Persian Language exams if needed.

Currently, Persian language is taught at many international centers around the world.

Last month a Russian Iridologist announced that currently 20 language schools in Russia are offering Persian language courses to those Russians interested in learning the official language of Iran.

President of the Asian and African Institute of Persian Language Department Vladimir Ivanov made the remarks in the second edition of the national conference of the Persian Language teaching for non-Persian speakers, adding that the Russian Academy of Sciences works the same as the Academy of Persian Language in Iran, which provides extensive resources to Persian students by writing books on the vocabulary and grammar of Persian.