UNGA passes politically-driven anti-Iranian resolution

IRNA – With the US and Israel’s attempts, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) passed a Canadian-drafted anti-Iranian resolution on Monday evening (local time).

The resolution had already been passed in the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Third Committee, officially known as the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Committee, is one of the six main committees at the UNGA, which deals with human rights, humanitarian affairs and social matters.

Iran’s representative at the UN Mohammad Hassaninejad said the resolution is politically-driven and urged the UNGA members to oppose it so that human rights is not used as a political tool against other countries.

Giving the same comments, the Russian envoy at the UN disagreed with the resolution, and added that the resolution against Syria, North Korea and Myanmar was also politically motivated and had double standards.

When the resolution passed in the Third Committee on Sunday, spokesman of the Foreign Ministry of Iran Bahram Qasemi said, ‘Exploiting the human rights and the international mechanisms by some Western countries, the child-killing Zionist regime of Israel, and some reactionary regimes in the region is strongly condemned.’

Qasemi said, ‘The resolution has ignored the realities of Iran and is selective, discriminatory, malicious, and politically motivated.’

He added, ‘Such procedures will blunt the international trust to international mechanisms and question the efficacy in the critical moments.’

‘In our view, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is the appropriate universal body for evaluating human rights in countries, which assesses the human rights conditions without discrimination. Iran’s active and constructive participation in the international body shows how serious Iran is in promoting human rights and in doing international commitments through constructive and dialog-based mechanisms.’

Iran High Council for Human Rights issued a statement on November 29 to condemn the human right resolutions against Iran.

The statement read, ‘This statement has been issued by states that commit grave breaches of human rights and follow their political goals and it is actually based on a discriminatory approach which does not consider the existing facts in Iran at all.’

‘It is surprising that in spite of many existing serious issues which threaten the lives of millions of human beings, a statement is issued by a UN body without any proportion to the present situation of the world and with scandalous tendencies on the situation of human rights in Iran which is the greatest democracy in western Asia and during the past four decades has changed the country from a corrupt dictatorship dependent on the US and its European allies to the most crucial and most developed country in scientific, technical and civil scopes in the region.’

It added, ‘Simultaneous with this offensive statement against Iran, the US and its European allies along with the Zionist regime and the corrupt Saudi regime are backing and conducting the most violent terrorist groups such as ISIS.’

‘These countries have also become a safe haven for different terrorist groups like MKO which has committed many crimes and is clearly supported by the White House while Iran on the one hand is a victim of the terrorist acts committed by the mentioned groups and on the other hand has the brightest and most honorable successful background in fighting with domestic terrorism and also terrorism in western Asia.’

The resolution against Syria was also passed in the UNGA with 111 votes.

The resolution was supported by the Saudis, which was reacted against by the Syrian envoy saying that a regime that has never had an election, doesn’t have a parliament, and doesn’t respect its people is on no position to comment on other people.