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Knowledge-based companies to offset sanctions effect on air industry

FNA – The number of Iranian knowledge-based companies entering the air industry has increased in the past couple of years, Head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Ali Abedzadeh said on Sunday, adding that the development will help the country to counter the effects of the US unilateral sanctions on Iran’s air industry.

Head of the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Ali Abedzadeh said today that in recent years knowledge-based companies have made good investments in the air industry and should extend their cooperation in this area.

Ali Abedzade described the air industry as one of the countries’ development factors and said it was the organization’s priority to counter the outrageous American sanctions, support the activity of knowledge-based companies, and extend more cooperation with the countries around the world.

He said, “The air transport industry in the world is looking to build a relationship between countries to cooperate with one another in this stage, but the American authorities do not want this to happen by imposing sanctions.”

‘The facilitation of air transport industry is an important factor in the development and progress of these areas as the only way to accelerate the economic development is the use of air transport’, he stressed, pointing out that the various regions of Iran are always on track of investments and economic progress.

Iran has made great progresses in the air industry in the past couple of years, and earlier in November the Ninth International Iran Air Show was held on Kish Island.

The four-day event provided a platform for participants to showcase the latest achievements in aviation and aerospace industries.

Elaborating on Iran’s achievements presented in the exhibition, Scientific Secretary of the Air Show Fathollah Qomi said, “We are designing and building a capsule to carry and send human being to the space and it will be unveiled in the exhibition this year.”

He expressed hope that the major project would be put into action in 7 years.

Meantime, Executive Secretary of the Airshow Bijan Bonakdar said that 110 Iranian and foreign companies are participating in the Air Show.

“The Russian Mig-29 team, Baltic Bees Team from Latvia, the Iranian Air Force and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force will conduct aerial exercises in this year’s Air Show,” he added.

Russian aviation companies, including PJSC United Aircraft Corporation and Russian Helicopters, will also attend the event.

Bonakdar had also earlier told FNA that Tehran and Moscow were due to hold talks on buying Russian-made passenger planes during the Air Show.

“Several teams from Russia will participate in the Air Show for negotiations on passenger plane sales to Iran,” he said last Monday.