UK, France, Germany envoys vow to back Iraq against anti-Iran US bans

MNA – Ambassadors of the three major European countries met with the Iraqi prime minister in Baghdad to voice their respective countries’ support for Iraq against the effects of Washington’s sanctions on Iran.

The public Relations Department of Iraqi Prime Minister’s office announced on Saturday that Adil Abdul-Mahdi received British, French and German ambassadors to Baghdad on Saturday.

According to a statement released by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office after the meeting, the three European countries reiterated their support for Iran nuclear deal, also known as the JCPOA, expressing the willingness of London, Paris and Berlin to continue cooperation with Baghdad in the face of US sanctions against Iran.

The statement by the Iraqi PM’s office said that the three ambassadors also voiced their support for Iraq’s current moderate stance on the regional and international levels and added that their countries regarded Iraq as an important strategic and economic power in the region.

The statement added strengthening the three countries’ relations with Iraq and Iraq’s political situation and regional developments were also discussed during the meeting.

Adil Abdul-Mahdi, for his part, emphasized Iraq’s interest in strengthening relations with the three Erupean countries, saying “Iraq is moving on the right path, especially after its victory against ISIS that threatened the whole world.”