Iran not intervening in Syria, Iraq: Army spox

IRNA – Iran is not intervening in Syria and Iraq and it does not need to have a military base in Syria, said the senior spokesman of Iran’s Armed Forces.

Speaking in a recent exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Brigadier General Abulfazl Shekarchi said Iran provides Syria and Iraq with advisory assistance upon their government’ official request.

Iran advisory presence is quite legitimate, General Shakarchi added.

In response to a question on the cooperation between Iranian and Russian advisors in Syria, he said both countries are coordinated.

Commenting on the claims by some regional parties, alleging targeting Iran’s positions in Syria, he said ‘We have no independent position in the country.’

They may target Syrian bases in their attacks and harm Iranian advisors as well, the Iranian General said.

All claims that are being made, regarding Iran’s presence in Syria, are based on American excuses and also non-sense allegations leveled by the Zionist regime of Israel.

Iraq and Syria insist on Iran advisory presence, Shekarchi said, adding that they are the Syrian and Iraqi armies and people in the two countries that are fighting their enemies and Iran has no direct intervention.