All of Iran’s neighbors under US pressure: Spox

IRNA – Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman stated that Iran’s neighbors are under pressure in the first phase and in other phase other countries, even the European Union and China, so that they can’t cooperate with Iran.

In reply to a question that the Iraqi government has banned some Iranian banks and announced they do not pay the dollar to Iran, whether this is true or not, Bahram Qasemi noted, “There is much pressure from the US against our neighbors to prevent or stop the cooperation and the pressure is also extended on the Iraqi government.”

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry went on to say, ‘There are other issues and disorders in some areas of economic cooperation with Iraq, which their reports have been received and we are talking to prevent America from interfering in the two countries’ relations.’

He added, ‘The US always interferes in affairs of other countries.’

In reply to another question about Astana, Qasemi said it is the only active and continuous process in the Syrian issue, which has achieved many successes and will continue to work.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry official noted that the countries at first did not think that the process would be able to continue with this success and solidarity and thought that the Astana process would collapse, but “in practice and with the efforts of the three countries and despite the existing problem we held the eleventh session of the Astana summit”.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that the negative looks about the Astana process are mainly raised by those who are not interested the situation in Syria and the terrorists conditions lead to the current one in this country.

At the same time, Qasemi said, ‘These kinds of criticisms have its roots in the same US policies and undermining Iran won’t go anywhere in the future as it has failed so far.’