Iran precision missiles made under cruel sanctions: Cleric

IRNA – Iran has been under the most severe sanctions for the last 40 years, but the precision missiles were built under the brutal sanctions, said the deputy head of Iran Army’s Ideological-Political Organization on Saturday.

‘Sanctions gave rise to self-sufficiency in producing weapons and strategic military equipment and we should appreciate these opportunities,’ Ahmad Jalili Sefat said.

He went on to say that by being active in the cultural front, the enemy has entered a new phase of war and this vast and dangerous area should be managed using knowledge and insight.

Jalili Sefat referred to familiarizing the young generation with Islam as a weapon to fight in the cultural war.

‘The enemy seeks to tarnish religious doctrines and today its most serious plan is to drive a wedge between Islam and the youth,’ he added.

However during eight years of the Sacred Defense, Iran’s youth and people proved no enemy can find its way into their hearts, he said.