US State Department

US treasury turned into economic war room against Iran: Cmdr

 IRNA – The US Treasury Department has turned into the room for economic war against Iran in a way that 300 people are operating against the Islamic Republic, Iran’s Deputy Commander of Quds Corps said.

‘To counter the sanctions and psychological war of the enemy, the economic headquarters should be established and, the economic war rooms must be enabled against the enemy,’ said Brigadier General Asghar Sabouri on Thursday night.

He said that Any war has a room. In the economic war, the headquarters of countering sanctions should be set up and the government and economic officials should launch more extensive activities because Iran has high potential in the economic sector to the extent that 40 percent of the country’s economic capacity is active.

‘Everywhere the government has requested, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) helped in the areas of infrastructure and the enemy can also be defeated in the economic sector like other fields, and thanks to the authorities and the public endurance, enemy’s economic plots have been foiled,’ Iran’s Deputy Commander of Quds Corps added.