FM: Iran not to surrender to force

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Thursday that his country would not give in to force.

Addressing the annual International Mediterranean Dialogues Conference (IMED) late on Thursday, Foreign Minister Zarif said, “Iran has endured not for 40 years but for 7,000 years. History of the Iranian and Italian emperors is older than certain claimant countries and that’s for the same reason we will not surrender to force, as we know no power is permanent.”

Why should Iran change its regional policies? Did we support Saddam? Did we support Daesh, Taliban and Al-Nusra Front? Did we create September 11? Did we impose blockade on Qatar? Did we bomb Yemen people? Did we commit mistakes or others? That’s them who have to change their regional policies and behaviors, Zarif said.

“We held talks with the US alongside other countries and achieved good results,” he said, noting that now the EU and others should spend for global security.

“All know me as advocate of interaction and dialogue. But if I am left with Iran’s independence and interaction, I will surely opt for Iran’s independence,” he said.

Zarif arrived in Rome late Wednesday to take part in the annual International Mediterranean Dialogues Conference (IMED).