Bahram Qassemi

Europe’s insistence makes Iran not to withdraw from JCPOA

ISNA – By mentioning to US’ unilateral sanctions against Iran in different areas such as food and medicines, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed, “Based on experiences we have gained from the previous rounds of US’ unilateral and illegal sanctions, we know the best way and consider some solutions”.

In an exclusive interview with ISNA news agency, Qassemi said, “The US has claimed that it didn’t impose sanctions on medicine, medical equipment, food and agriculture or even items and spare parts related to airplanes and anything that is related to the maintenance and repair of the air fleet but when you want to transfer money, the bank does not ask whether it goes for food or other items, that is why sanctions always hit food and medicine”.

“About financial mechanism known as the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), I believe that EU should stick to its commitments under the nuclear deal. Europe has insisted that it believes in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and wants to preserve the deal. We also didn’t withdraw the deal because of EU’ insistence so they are obliged to fulfill their commitments,” he added.

“Iran has always announced that it has various choices and there are many countries that are willing to work with us under such situation. Mr. Trump tried hard to reduce Iran’ oil exports to zero but he not only failed but also forced to retreat from his stand because of various reasons that the world imposes on him, including the state of the energy market, financial market, and even political issues,” the spokesman noted.

“I believe that time is on our side and to the detriment of US. Washington has stepped up the wrong way not just about Iran but also about other countries and at the end, we will see US retreats as we saw it in the previous rounds of the sanctions,” he went on to say.