Russian TV: Iran knows how to counter sanctions

IRNA – Russian “Channel 1” television network said in a report that Iran has learnt the way to face the US sanctions and it will continue to progress in various fields despite the US sanctions.

At the beginning of the report, SWIFT had pushed the Central Bank of Iran away from its system by the US pressure while this financial system was formed by 248 banks from 18 countries and is considered an international system.

Russian media added that Russia has repeatedly been threatened to withdraw from SWIFT, but some say it is contrary to the international law and that it is not possible to remove Russia.

The report referred to the Iranians as people who have learnt to resist against sanctions during the past 10 years by producing from cosmetics to satellite.

‘In Iranian stores, foreign goods rarely can be seen and many goods are produced domestically and with good quality, Iran even itself produces Coca Cola.’

The Russian media added that Iran has established its own banking payments system and that the people of this country can shop with bank cards in the shops and the sanctions have no effect on the cards.