Expansion of border areas reducing smuggling

IRNA – Deputy Commander of Iranian Army’s Ground Forces said that if the border areas do not develop, the phenomenon of smuggling will flourish and the country’s economy will be harmed.

‘The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in the very sensitive area of west Asia with wide sea and land borders with different countries,’ Brigadier General Nozar Nemati said on Saturday at the First International Security and Development of Border Regions Conference of at the Ministry of Interior.

Having borders with different countries provide good opportunities for the development of the Islamic republic of Iran, he said, adding that 17 of Iran provinces have a shared border with different countries.

‘Our people are doing more in some common borders with neighbouring countries because there is insecurity beyond the borders, and if they do not, this insecurity permeates our borders,’ he said, adding that there are no good security conditions in some neighboring countries because of global arrogance.

‘Every land needs a safe infrastructure to achieve progress, and no matter will ever come to fruition,’ Deputy Commander of Iranian Army’s Ground Forces further said.